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Free education for poor people

Providing children with an education is one of the most effective ways to end global poverty. Hundreds of millions of kids in countries all around the world do not have the opportunity to attend school. Whether it is due to cultural norms or the inability of families to afford an education for their children. Kids without education normally go to work at a very young age and go on to perform low-income work. This is true for many in villages all across Peru. Most Peruvian Andean kids do not have access to high quality education. The number of kids who are kept home from school by their parents in rural communities in Peru is nearly double that of urban areas. Education provides these children with the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and make a better life for themselves and their families..

Tinkuy Peru helps these kids by offering free education in English, mathematics, reading and comprehension, Arts and sciences and more.

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Help for the mothers who make art and crafts

Many people who move from villages to cities in search of a better quality of life survive on jobs that do not provide enough money to support their families. Therefore, our plan is to create a project in which we teach mothers (who are usually supporting their families) to make and sell crafts so they can earn more. Many of these women have artistic ability but never have had the opportunity to develop it because they are home caring for their children. Tinkuy Peru has an agreement with arttino online, which offers art, and hand crafted work. They will also sell the work that these mothers create and that money will go directly to help support the families and the work of Tinkuy. Our Artisan Loan fundraiser will be used for this project. Our plan is to use the money as a loan system to help the mothers begin their projects with the expectation to have it paid back so we can continue to use that money to help more and more people begin and make money for their families. Our ultimate goal is for it to be a self sustaining project that continues to grow.

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Giving Material support for their life

Most of the houses in the poorest areas of Huancayo are made of durable material but is not super stable or safe to live in and many cannot afford to make the proper improvements. Some of these children do not have quick access to basic things like water, electricity, bathroom etc. Many of these children do not have access to enough food and clothing since many of these families are supporting multiple children. Most of these small houses have up to 12 family members living in them and Tinkuy is dedicated to using a portion of the donations to help fund improvements for the lives of these families.

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creating an environment to help children develop skills and abilities

Many children have gifts and abilities that go undiscovered or unused due to a lack of education, economic support and inspiration. This is true in many towns and communities in Peru, especially in the highlands and the jungle. Many children in these locations have the abilities to succeed but due to many factors like economics, never have a chance to fully develop or discover their gifts. Tinkuy Peru is committed to helping these children discover their abilities and work with them as they develop. The hope is these children can then take this back to their families and communities to help reduce poverty in those areas.

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