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Our time at Tinkuy Peru was beyond anything we could have imagined. We came to Huancayo with very little idea of what we would actually be experiencing and came away with so many positive memories. Tino, Mari and the children made our stay unforgettable

Our days teaching the children proved to be both challenging and unbelieveably rewarding. We taught them English every weekday afternoon and came to know them better each day. It is without a doubt a challenge to teach the children (especially not knowing very much Spanish). The curriculum is highly volunteer based and can be tricky to figure out what will work best with the children. However, the more we learned about the children and continued to try new activities, the easier it got and the rewards were endless. We had a lot of fun experimenting with new ideas and watching the kids enjoy themselves in the lessons we had created. It was nice to have the freedom to choose how we taught the kids. It was so encouraging when a lesson stuck with them and we would hear them using their English.

When we were not teaching the children we got to play with them. This was one of the best parts of our whole experience. The children are so carefree and their smiles never failed to brighten our day. Though we did not speak the same language, we were able to form relationships with the children and get to know each of their unique characters. It´s funny how, even though we didn´t know the words the kids were speaking, we could still figure what they were saying. And in the end, if we couldn´t understand what they were trying to say, we could just smile and shrug and simply play with them instead.

Tino and Mari made us feel so at home in Huancayo. We enjoyed many homecooked meals and being welcomed into their home and family was greatly appreciated. Both Tino and Mari made great efforts to make our stay memorable. We loved hearing about Tinkuy Peru´s history from Tino and were inspired by his passion. It was really wonderful to see first-hand how much he cares about the children and how much the children love him in return. We also enjoyed the many morning and evening chats with Mari over a meal or dishes. Mari was always willing to take us where we needed to go and enthusiastic to show us the sites. We are so grateful to Tino and Mari and their family for the hospitality they showed us and will keep them close to our hearts.

Jenae and Kathleen

They say first impressions tell you a lot about a person or place. Well, the beautiful first impression Huancayo has to offer is only a tiny glimpse of what all this volunteer experience has to offer.

Welcomed by a beautiful family, eager children and a bustling community, the Tinkuy experience offers volunteers the best of everything.

For me personally, this was my first time traveling abroad and I did not know what to expect at all. The family treated me as one of their own and the bonds I built with them are incredible. I had no teaching experience prior to my visit, and very basic knowledge of the Spanish language, but none of that is important. The work done at the school really made me feel like I had a purpose and was making a difference in this community. Being submerged in the region and its culture helped me to leave with a very strong knowledge of Spanish as well. I had the opportunity to work with a local clinic in the area, shadowing doctors and learning about their healthcare system. It was an unforgettable experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into education, medicine or just helping a developing community.

Tinkuy Peru, Huancayo and definitely Tino, Mari and the family will forever hold a very special place in my heart. Whether you are looking for a short meaningful vacation away from your everyday life or a long-term venture where you can really make a difference, Tinkuy Peru has so much to offer and I am sure other volunteers would say the same.

Tara VanDeWater

We spent four weeks at Tinkuy Peru in January 2010 and had the time of our lives. From the first moment we met Tino and his family they were so kind and welcoming and really made us feel at home during our stay. The house was very comfortable and we were always well fed and watered.

The weekend excursions were great too and we would recommend anyone to take up any of the trips offered. Our favourite was the bike ride through the nearby mountainside. However, the most wonderful of our experiences came when teaching at the school. The kids are absolutely charming. They are extremely fun loving and very keen to learn. Being greeted so enthusiastically by the children each time we entered the school will remain among our most treasured of memories.
Neither of us could speak a word of Spanish before we arrived and had had no experience of teaching. Hence working at the school was a big challenge for us, but we do not regret for one second our decision to stay at Tinkuy Peru. The children were very sympathetic and patient when we tried to explain things. However we did pick up the bits of language we needed very quickly and soon felt like we were able to teach the kids constructively. We just wish we could have stayed for longer.
We would recommend Tinkuy Peru to anyone who wishes to spend a very rewarding time volunteering in a typical Peruvian environment. The school is clearly having a very positive effect on the children’s lives and the nearby community as a whole. It just needs more volunteers to keep the good work going - so get yourselves signed up!

Paul & Louise Leandro

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