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Leoncio Tinoco Rodriguez & Mari Leon Marcelo - Tinkuy Peru Founders

How We Began

In 2003, Tinkuy Peru was founded as a volunteer work program and with the help of volunteers our dream has become a reality. That dream has been to improve the lives of kids and provide them with a high quality education.
This is the reason we continue to help change and improve the lives of families and children.
Our recent project is to help mothers create art and crafts. We have an online shop where we sell these crafts called Arttino (www.arttino.com).
Although the time given by volunteers is the most valuable resource to Tinkuy Peru, it is not always enough to provide for all of the goals and needs of the program.

what was our inspiration

Without a doubt one of our greatest passions is art and one of our greatest dreams has been to help children of impoverished families.
To keep our dreams and this program continuing we have turned our passion for art into a consistent financial resource.Shop.ArtTino.com. It is a website that sells authentic Peruvian art and crafts and was founded to provide the public with the opportunity to give to this program by means of financial support.
It is not always possible to volunteer time but other resources are appreciated and needed.
The art can serve as a permanent reminder of the good you have done for this community and the children of Tinkuy Peru.

why we help

These kids do not have access to quality education and ultimately the opportunity to further their education at the universitiy level. We believe education is the way to truly impact and change these kids lives and their communities. Many of these kids become parents at a very young age and never finish their schooling. Due to this many never understand the importance of education.
This is why Tinkuy Peru is committed to giving poor children the opportunitiy for a better education. Many of these children don’t have parents or live in poor areas.
If we help our people improve, our communities will improve and ultimately our Country will improve.
The volunteers in many cases give us donations for the kids, with this, we buy material support for the children and materials for their schooling. We are very grateful for the people who donate to us every year. With this Tinkuy and volunteers provide a brighter future for these Andean kids.

Our mission

We have been saving more than 1,000 lives

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our mission

Our mission is to help kids who do not have the opportunity for a quality education. We provide the education they need in all areas starting with english, mathematics, reading and writing, art, healthcare, and much more.
From there they can enter a better university which will provide them with a higher quality of life.

our vision

Our vision at Tinkuy Peru is to change the minds, hearts and lives of children living in poverty so they can improve the world around them.

Our Team


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