After a week of hard work volunteering at our Mountain School volunteers have the weekend to relax and take part in one of our many weekend excursions. Over the years we have developed and perfected a huge range of excursions that will really take you off the beaten track. Best of all, the excursions are all great value for money with any costs just to cover travel and food. Tino, for example, used to be a professional guide for the Huaytapallana glacier and various bike treks around the local artisan villages. Usually travellers would pay a small fortune for such an experienced guide, but for our volunteers it is completely free. But in far trips is necessary to put a money for gasoline in the car.

Take a look at our excursions below, we guarantee you will want to start planning you weekends already....

tourist place in Huancayo Peru

torre torre

Huancayo's very own Grand Canyon

Just a few minutes from our Mountain School, these gorgeous sandstone formations are a great location for a hike or picnic.

places in Huancayo Peru

cerrito de la libertad

Enjoy some ice cream and immerse yourself in the local culture

Spend a free afternoon at this little park, just a few blocks from Tino's house.  Enjoy benches, snacks, a church, an amphitheater, and even a small zoo. For the sake of a 10 minute walk this is not be missed, plus the ceviche is second to none.

tourist place in Huancayo Peru

parque de la identidad huanca

The most beautiful park in Peru? Quite possibly...

Check out the most picturesque spot in Huancayo. The park is a truly stunning throw back to pre-Inca Huanca culture and its impoverished surroundings really make this is a surreal experience. It comes complete with flowers, statues, fountains, and a gift shop.  You can even take pictures in traditional Peruvian dress!

trek to glacier, hiking Peru


At 18,000ft you can't get much higher than this...

There aren't many places that take your breath away, but Huaytapallana is certainly one of them. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular excursions for volunteers, though as one of the highest peaks of the Andes this trek isn't for the faint hearted. Luckily a superb trout restaurant at the base of the mountain will help you refuel for the next week of volunteering.

tourist place in Huancayo Peru


Trout doesn't come any fresher (or better) than this

Visit a mountain village best known for its trout farm and stunning views across The Mantaro Valley.  Enjoy their famous trout dishes with fellow volunteers, and take pictures of the beautiful scenery and small waterfalls.

tours of south america


Something cool is comming soon!

Hidden in the mountains Huancaya is a great and big nature reserve, during the trip in the central Andes we have a view of llamas and vicunas, arriving to Huancaya the village has hostels if you want to stay more of one day, here starts the hiking about one hour to see the crystal lagoons and a beautiful landscape, ideal for take pictures.

trekking in peru

arwaturo and ñawinpuquio

Take in the views and sample some ancient Andean culture

Translated from Quechuan, "Arwaturo", means the "place of the burning bones" an ancient burial site, and these stone ruins are located at the peak of the nearby mountainous range overlooking the Mantaro Valley. After climbing to the top you can refuel at a great trout restaurant nearby and enjoy a picturesque boat ride on the lake.

trekking in Peru

aguas calientes

A relaxing option in the natural pools of the highest ...

Paths made of lime.
The wells formed naturally will offer an option to relax besides being healing here you can see the landscape from above in addition to enjoy the natural environment

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Ñawinpuquio lagoon a place to rest and have fun, come and learn about Andean culture.
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Huaytapallana is a great place to trek and discover this beautiful natural glacier in the Andes. If you are intersted to trek with us please contact us.
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