Groups & Families

Working with the families and kids to help and change their lives.

voluntary service overseas

working with children 8-12 years old

We work with children ages eight to twelve teaching English and also helping them with mathematics and other subjects that they are learning in school. We do this to improve their academic performance. We also organize excursions to tourist destinations and play sports and games with the children during free time. We also work to develop artistic skills through various activities such as dancing, drawing and art contests.

volunteer work overseas

working with litlle kids

Our primary work with young children is teaching Basic English. We want them to interact with each other and to practice speaking basic but important phrases. We have workshops to help them learn and develop their skills. Volunteers play an important role in this area, organizing and preparing activities to help improve learning in these children.

volunteer latin america

Working with the families of kids

We also organize meetings with the families of our children and prepare workshops for the children and their parents. We present talks on such issues as improving family relationships. We also organize activities to encourage fellowship and development amoung families.

overseas volunteer program

Working with children 12 to 16 years old

We work with teenagers teaching English classes. We are also involved in teaching art to develop their creativity and skills. Art classes are very important for the development and training of the student. Volunteers also organize competitions for a small prize that they give to the students who produce the best work. These students require a great deal of teaching and training to become leaders and entrepreneurs. We desire to help them develop their organizational and leadership skills. We organize research trips for these students.

our latest videos

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Teaching a class about animals and nature.
Friday 29/05/15. Click on the link to see the video.

working with the children reading a book about numbers and colors.
Friday 19/06/15. Go to the video to see more.

Share your story with us

After many years of experience, we decided to do something that can really change the lives of many children. We realize good education and health is the only way to make a real lasting difference in the lives of these poor children, and the small things you do now will have a lasting impact in the long journey ahead.
If you want to be part of this story, Tinkuy Peru is the perfect place to make a real change in the lives of children and all this is only made possible by our volunteers and we thank you.
Join our cause and together we can write a beautiful story. We welcome all ideas to help us improve our work.
To be a volunteer with us is a fun and unforgettable experience!

Our responsibles of the Mountain School

To give a better help to our Tinkuy Peru children.

Tino is a master of weaving and teaches English and arts classes for our children at the Tinkuy Mountain School.

Leoncio Tinoco

Maria is an oil paint artist, who teaches an art class at the Tinkuy Mountain School, and organizes art activities with children and their mothers.

Maria Leon

Pilar teaches different subjects such as speed- reading, and coordinates activities with the children. She also teaches people to be leaders and to develop economic development.

Pilar Tinoco

Angela helps to coordinate sport activities and dance activities with for the younger children at the Tinkuy Mountain School.

Angela Tinoco