volunteer program work in peru

We give you the opportunity as a volunteer to improve in your professional field
and to help peruvian kids in need by giving them a better education and bright future.

volunteering in peru

To be a volunteer with us is fun and unforgettable experience!

We have talked about the poor, written books on poverty and some have even made money off these people. Many things have been done in the name of the poor but they are still in poverty and children in Peru are no strangers to this. However, when was the last time we took real action about the painful reality of child poverty?

Organizations and agencies have done some things to try to relieve the situations of these children, but most of that work has only led to abundant paper work, reports, brochures, manuals and plans of action. Most of the problems stem from economic and social issues in a country. I now understand what living in a third world country that is dependent on capitalism has done. Most of these children do not study in college. When you ask them why they do not study as kids? Their response is “I do not have enough money and I have not been prepared well”. These are two of the major contributing factors to kids not pursuing their studies.

The poor are assigned duties and obligations but have no rights. This is one of the many reasons we started Tinkuy Peru and we invite you to visit us and experience our reality. Many say our economy is developing but all you have to do is visit the home of one of our students to find out if this is true. The poor only know increased inflation and higher costs of living.

Leoncio Tinoco

Volunteer Life


Volunteers live in a comfortable house, 10 minutes’ walk from the city center and 20 minutes’ walk from the school, with Tinkuy Peru Director, Tino, and his family. Volunteers receive three meals a day Monday through Friday, (on Saturdays, lunch is not provided as volunteers are usually on excursions). Meals are home cooked traditional Peruvian dishes, including local specialties. Vegetarian and other dietary needs can be accommodated. All of the food served at the house is carefully prepared and safe to eat.The living situation is a combination home stay and volunteer residence. The volunteers live in a shared double room with shared hot water bathrooms. The interaction with the family provides the opportunity to practice Spanish and learn about Andean Peruvian culture. There is also plenty of time to get to know other Tinkuy Peru volunteers from all over the world. Laundry can be washed by hand at the house, hand washed by a neighbor for S/5 (US$1.80) or taken to the laundry mat where they machine wash, dry and fold your clothes for S/13 (US$4).Huancayo is a unique place that has been disrupted very little by tourism or globalization. You will not find many international chains and many of the restaurants serve traditional Peruvian dishes. In Huancayo, it is easy to get around in by taxi (US$1.00per ride) or by a small bus called a combi (US$0.25 per ride).

Volunteers info

Minimum age of Volunteer:
- 18 years

Minimum time of commitment:
- 1 week

Number of positions available:
- 10 volunteers each month

It is not necessary to have previous experience teaching English or work with children.

Be able to work in a group, enthusiastic, show initiative and have a desire to help others.

A Typical Volunteer Day

Here a brief outline of how a volunteer day usually looks like:
8.00 - 8.15: breakfast at the house
9.30 -12.00: morning classes at the mountain school
13.00 - 14.00: lunch at the house
15.15 - 17.30: afternoon classes at the mountain school
20.00 - 20.30: dinner at the house

what volunteers needed

• Have minimum 18 years of age
• Proof of identity such as a current Passport, and a digital photo.
• Fill out the registration form
• Volunteers that are happy, responsible, enthusiastic and dynamic.
• Obedience of the rules of the house or spaces where you will live.
• You should rely on extra money for your personal expenses, transportation, and excursions.
• It is recommended to have the necessary vaccines and some health insurance.
• A minimal volunteer work is 1 week, although longer periods are ideal in order to obtain results.

The Mountain School

This is the school where you will be based. The children at the Mountain School are divided into three groups: between 2 and 5 years (principiantes), between 6 and 10 years (primarios) and between 11 and 16 years old (secundarios). The activities that are done with the children vary between:
- teaching English
- teaching geography, history, math or coloring (for the smallest)
- singing songs (feel free to suggest new songs, they love it)
- playing sports
- excursions with the children
- environmental awareness
- health and hygiene awareness
You are free to suggest other subjects you want to teach as well.

Weekend Excursions for our volunteers

We appreciate the hard work of our volunteers during the week, and come the weekend, we let our volunteers take full advantage of their time in Huancayo by guiding them around the local sites. Not only is it fun, but it is an opportunity to learn about our regional history, customs and culture. Check out the link at the top of the page to see what kind of things you can get involved in during your weekends in Huancayo.

Costs of volunteer in Peru

The following volunteer costs are intended to incentive longer stays in Huancayo, which actually makes it easier and cheaper for
us to provide for, and also provides consistency for our kids. As part of this, we have also changed the pricing to include a deposit
for every volunteer, regardless of total stay, to cover the first week, totaling at $160. After the first week, the prices get
substantially lower. The longer you stay at Tinkuy Peru, the better the discount on your volunteer work costs. For volunteers
staying four weeks or longer, the prices should make your stay cheaper. The prices are as follows:


1 Week/1st Week Deposit


2-3 Weeks(after 1st week)


4-8 Weeks(after 1st week)


3 months(after 1st week)

What the cost include?

- Shared double room, or individual single room (depending on availability)

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday (On Saturdays, lunch is not provided as volunteers are usually on excursions)

- Shared bathroom with hot shower

- Some local excursions with a guide.

What is not include in the cost?

- Transportation from Lima.

- Taxi and bus fare.

- Additional excursions.

- Transportation and food during excursions, Personal expenses (ex. souvenirs, meals in restaurants, donations)


3 months plus - please email at infovolunteerwork@gmail.com and we will work on a custom fee.
Please visit www.tinkuyperu.com for further information, about our volunteer opportunities in Peru.
As well, please feel free to visit www.arttino.com to view the many wonderful arts and crafts that we have available for sale.