Huancayo the Central Highlands of the andes


"You're light, incomparable city, noble birth of freedom in your fertile soil and the sacred end of abject slavery. In the war for independence, Huanca indomitable, fight. Hero in battle! Strong as the Sun! In Breña, He sculpted laurels..."

Huancayo, also called the Incomparable City, is one of the most important cities in the central highlands and is located south of the famous Mantaro Valley. It consists of 3 main districts called: Huancayo, Chilca and Tambo. During the 90s, Huancayo was besieged by terrorists. This is one reason why there is still poverty in some areas. This is why Tinkuy Peru does volunteer work to help these people have access to better education and achieve a better future.

Huancayo is also known for agriculture, livestock and crafts. It has different crafts like gourd carvings in Cochas. There are also ponchos, gloves, blankets, hats, bags and blankets woven from alpaca and sheep, as well as ceramics, etc. Moreover, it has several tourist sights such as the Hill of Freedom, Wanka Identity Park, the Constitution Square, Torre Torre (Amazing natural rock formation), and museums such as the Museum in the Vicente B. Razetto Salesian College, which is also referred to as “Santa Rosa ", as well as the Warivilca museum, etc.

There are tasty foods in a variety of vegetables and meat. The most popular food is typical Pachamanca (see Pachamanca) .The main traditional dance in this place is the Huaylarsh, which represents a celebration of joy and thanks to the land and nature.

Another celebration is in Santiago, which is held as a blessing to the fertility of the land and animals.

Huancayo is famous for its Sunday Market, where you can see typical foods, arts and crafts, and where people often wear the traditional dress. The climate is cool at night but warms up during the day. During the summer, it is rainy season but in the winter, it is very dry.

huancayo and our customs

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peruvian llamas

View of Huancayo
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torretorre huancayo peru

Torre torre
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parque de la identidad huancayo peru

Parque de la Identidad
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typical and native food of peru

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typical woman of huancayo peru

traditional dress
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native and typical dance of peru

Huaylash dance
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traditional food from peru

chicharron de zamaño
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traditional activity from Huancayo Peru

The Sunday Market
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traditional and typical dance of peru

Santiago Dance
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tourist place in Huancayo

Cerrito de la Libertad
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artisan village in Huancayo Peru

Cochas Place
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traditional festival in Huancayo Peru

Christmas Huancayo
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