volunteer charity work

The children of Tinkuy are precarious to us and many do not have the basic needs to live. We encourage volunteers who want to make direct donations to financially support these families to do so as well as help organize events to fund raise for these families.

volunteer healthcare

In the poorest areas of Huancayo, there are children who have little knowledge about personal care. We want to instill in them the importance of knowing how to stay healthy and clean. We offer organized games, grooming gifts, talks on health and its benefits, among other topics. We also encourage and accept donations of healthcare products to give directly to these children.

volunteers teaching english

It is important that the children learn to speak English for the future. It is important for them to be able to communicate with volunteers, as well as to improve the education they receive in their respective schools. As well, English will give them better access to many benefits and opportunities in the future and improve their education.

volunteer community services

The community where we live is another area that we try to teach our children to have pride in. For example, throwing garbage in garbage receptacles instead of on the ground, not to contaminate the water and providing activities that help them improve the land in which they live.

teaching sports

Sport is a fundamental part of learning. We encourage the children to exercise often and teach them to know that exercise is good through activities like soccer, volleyball, basketball and other various sports. It also is important to the health of their growing bodies.

teaching arts and crafts

Art and culture is another subject that we teach our children. We want them to appreciate and be proud of their country. We also try to teach them to develop their imaginations and make their own creativity. Some of our volunteers also teach the children art designs, as well as handicrafts. We encourage anyone studying art who might be interested in teaching to contact us about volunteering.

For over a decade

We have over 10 years experience helping children get a better life

volunteer work abroad

Other activities

• Arts & crafts • Drawing and painting
• Picture Taking
• Peruvian Music and dance
• Theater and acting
• Reading and Writing
• Planting trees
• Talks on important subjects with kids
• Recreational games
• Excursions with kids
• Health and hygiene awareness

Things we do every week

• Preparing the lessons and the materials for the class
• Organize the talks with the kids (the theme and materials)
• Making competitions, games and activities with the kids

assistance: a helping hand

A hope for a better life in the middle of the Andes Mountains.

volunteering south america

Our volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the education and lives of our children. All volunteers will find great opportunities with Tinkuy to make a difference! This is why we strive to be the best volunteer program in Peru, we want to give you the best service and the best experience as you help to improve the education and future of these Andean Children. Your experience with us allows you to get a better understanding of the Peruvian education system. We are open to any ideas or suggestions that may help us to improve your volunteer experience and make it the best it can be!


Reasons why we fight to give the Peruvian children a better future.

volunteer teaching

Free education for poor people
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overseas volunteer work

Help for the mothers who make art and crafts
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charity work abroad

Giving Material support for their lifes
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voluntary work abroad

make an environment to develop children talents
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