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Welcome to Tinkuy Peru!

Our primary mission at Tinkuy Peru is the education, healthcare, and moral, spiritual and material support for children who are living in poverty.
The Children

These children are in need of support because many have been abandoned by their parents. Others have faced displacement due to social violence in the past decade as well as family violence. They are considered to be high-risk youth in need of guidance and resources so they do not end up on the streets. We hope to provide a better future for them.

Huancayo and Tinkuy's Background!

Tinkuy Peru is located in the town of Huancayo, Peru, which is located in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. There is a high level of poverty in Huancayo caused by the following factors; terrorism which occurred back in the 1990s, the weak Peruvian economy, and low quality of education that is provided to them. Tinkuy works with orphaned children and poor families in different areas to promote community development.

Volunteer in PeruOur original project is the Mountain School, which teaches around 75 children from 5-17 years old. Volunteers teach anything from English and Math to Arts and Crafts. As a volunteer, you only need to be in the school for a few hours, holding a conversation with some of the older kids in fluent English to realize the difference you are making and the opportunities you are creating.

At Tinkuy, it is necessary to speak Spanish. We are trying to teach the children English and if you speak Spanish, it is a plus, but not necessary. Our latest project is the development of a healthcare program. The goals of this part of Tinkuy are to provide general care and education to the children and their families at little to no cost. It is in the early stages and has a long way to go. That is why volunteers who are studying in the medical field or those with experience practicing are greatly welcomed. Areas of practice include general pediatrics, social work and dental.

Volunteering Opportunities with Tinkuy Peru

Tinkuy offers volunteer opportunities to professionals, trades people, retired individuals - couples, and students of all nationalities who want to share their knowledge and special skills with the people of Huancayo. Tinkuy is especially interested in providing English-language training, which has the potential to help open doors for these children to the global community. The most valuable asset that we have from our volunteers is their time.
The volunteers bring a new world and provide a safe and positive experience for the children who often come from broken homes. Ultimately, we hope that it will give the children the desire to stay in school and a better outlook on life. The volunteers try to bridge a gap with education and new experiences for those children who cannot afford all of the basics.

Volunteers are the heart of the program and without their continued support, Tinkuy Peru would cease to exist, and the future of our children would not be nearly as promising. This Volunteer program in Peru is an unforgettable and life changing experience, and many of our volunteers enjoy themselves so much that they end up coming back to Huancayo multiple times.


Recent Volunteers

  • Peru Volunteers

    Tara VanDeWater

    They say first impressions tell you a lot about a person or place. Well, the beautiful first impression Huancayo has to offer is only a tiny glimpse of what all this volunteer experience has to offer. 

  • Volunteering in Peru

    Paul Leandro

    Tinkuy Peru was one of the most rewarding 4 weeks of my life. Teaching at the school was challenging but the positive effect it had on the kids made it all worthwhile.

  • Volunteering Peru

    Amy Rideg

    I was able to enrich childrens lives and was equally enriched by the children, Tino's wonderful family and other volunteers who are now lifelong friends.